Jolly all Description!


Who do you reckon is the most popular guy in the world next to Mickey Mouse? Santa Claus of course! Especially around December, he’s one of the most high-profile guys around, and he has one of the most important jobs of the year. As the most important person involved in the situation, you are always under observation, so it is critical that you stay in character whenever you are in public (in and out of the Santa Costume). Your role as Santa, combined with the beauty of the sets and the support of the other employees, creates that magical experience for each and every guest.

So do you have what it takes to be Santa Claus?

Knowledge, Attributes, Skills and Abilities Required

Including the Following (Other duties may be assigned):

• Able to relate individuals in all walks of life that Christmas magic is real
• Be compassionate about childhood dreams and wishes
• Ability to be slightly magical, quick, and nimble
• Demonstrate Christmas knowledge
• Able to project a robust and heart-felt HO-HO-HO Christmas greeting
• Must have rosy cheeks, twinkle in the eyes, and be chubby and jolly
• Always stay in character:
• Posing for photos for the entire season
• Working with Elves and photographers of all levels
• You must never never promise anything to the kids
• Engaging with all guests deserves your attention
• Tolerate glare from flashing lights
• Having an upbeat energy level and attitude should be always maintained
• Preserve the magic and sanctity of Santa.
• Must always be smiling and be happy.
• SAFETY is always required.
• Be sure your hands are visible at all times.
• Ensure you have a good grip on each child taking hold of and positioning).

Education, Experience, and Further Requirements:

• Must be outgoing and vivacious
• Must be very punctual and be able to follow proper work ethics
• Must pass a background check.
• Must enjoy working with children.
• Must have a great Snow White smile.
• Must have Snow White hair and a beard. • Must be comfortable taking photos with pets
• Must provide own Santa suit, belt, hat, boots and glasses

Hire A Santa is an equal opportunity seasonal employer who can offer you work from one hour a day to 7 days a week. Work as little or as much as you can/want. Must pass a criminal background check.

Jobs available all across Canada. All applicants with rosy cheeks, twinkle in their eyes, grandfather-like snow white hair, a love of children and of reading stories are welcome to apply at [email protected]  

Come join us for the upcoming  season!

Job Types: Part-time, Temporary, Contract, Casual